All About Us

Welcome to Lily and the Bee!

This is the little story of us, a small instant family of four navigating life and finding balance with two adults versus two toddlers


We are a little family with a difference:

I am Kerri, entering my last year in the 20’s shortly, crazy lover of Typo, book hoarder and Mom to a very clever little monkey Miss Lily – or Lily-Grace, if we are going to get technical. Miss Lily is nearly four and a complete bundle of energy and at times a little girl with an intense intuitive side. She is also incredibly clever, which at times makes her seem way beyond her little nearly 4 year old self. It is not uncommon for people to mistake her for being a lot older than that she really is. He commentary on life is mostly hysterical, she likes to point her finger and tell us off and she loves to ‘Look after her Byron Bear.’ She also currently has a boyfriend who much to her dismay has recently left her school and is currently trying to find another prince as she fully believes she is a princess bellerina who likes to play Soccer.

Then we have Sam and Little Byron Bear. Sam has sadly hit his 30’s this year and feels very dismayed about this. He is Byrons bears Daddy and a self confessed Bear Grylls wannabe. I bought him a Bear Grylls knife for Christmas, and he loves to bring it out and show off, although this is currently limited to his chef skills, if he could, he would put a tent up in the garden and use his flints and live like a wild man. Byron Bear is Mr Gentle himself. Lover of cuddles, and occasional cool dude, he is the most chilled kid on the block. Thus far he is the only toddler I have met that will happily go back to sleep when the adults are incapable of dragging themselves from bed during an afternoon nap.

Oh, did I mention that our kiddos are only 6 months apart and look quite a lot like siblings. We often get asked if they are twins and often they behave like twins too. Sh*t gets real when they escape during a shopping trip and egg each other down down the shopping aisles, with myself on one side and Sam on the other – we are currently searching for a child friendly butterfly type net for these moments.

Our house in general is filled with wails of ‘Its MINEEEEEEE!’ – sometimes this makes Sam and I hide behind the couch and cry with bleeding ears, but mostly we are happy chappies.


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