Little Miss Independence

The day I took this photo and uploaded it onto my computer, something instinctual told me that I had somehow bred a little Diva – albeit the sweetest little diva I have ever come across ( We are not going all Honey Boo Boo on you) and lately it has occured to me that my sweet little person has an infinitely better social and apparent myriad of boyfriends and now husbands than I can count on my hands- or rather attribute to myself.

Exhibit A:

This is little Miss Independence riding her bicycle this weekend, kids got guts, you should see the way she takes those corners, but the part that near sent me into a fit of hysterics was this:

Miss Lily: Mom, people are going to see a beautiful girl riding on a beautiful bike!

I love you poppet and yes you are absolutely correct, you and your bling bike are ridiculously beautiful.

Exhibit B:

Miss Lily Ballerina Princess Fifa Lalabelle.

Kids got it – hands down when I saw this picture, I knew she was destined for dramatic arts ( Note to self, Drama school) Look at those poise and elegance. She actually went for professional ballet photos for class the other day and there I was thinking this was one of the proper posed ones – nope, apparently she was kitted out full tutu, fairy wings and a tiara and I am getting those photos this week – I can literally not wait to see how they turn out!

Exhibit C:

I asked madam if I could take a photo of her, this was her instant response : Blue Steel.

There is a small tiny part of me that is terrified that this is epically early duck face days, but I am going to go with Blue Steel for now, kids got it!

Exhibit D:

When you got it, you got.

What is there not to love about this Diva Princess???

Did I mention she got ‘married’ last week! We were chatting about school and she mentions that her latest boyfriend Blakey had left for Canada so that day she decided to marry Jordan. It was quite a ceremony I believe, she told me that they had to hold hands and she even sat next to him.

I really hope that he knows what hes in for, this is one little in demand Princess!