When Courage Shines!



My Darling Lily

This morning you rocked me to the core, you showed me yet again what it means to be brave and face the world head on. Two days ago you found out your Daddy was in heaven. We kept you off school yesterday and you were just you. You laughed and played and sometimes you stopped and you asked questions. You told all the the important people in your life that your daddy is in heaven. Today however was when your courage shown as bright as it ever has.

Yesterday we spoke about going back to school and you agreed, because today it is soccer stars and you LOVE soccer stars. So today we had a slow start to the morning, we cuddled on the couch and did some impromptu singing to the Lorax movie. We got dressed and I made french plaits in your hair. You walked to the car and made a phone call to your special person to let her know you are going to school.

As we arrived, I heard you start to cry and you told me you wanted to go home. I asked if you were okay and you told me to promise I would fetch you at lunchtime. We made a pinky promise in the car. My girl….I fully expected to be carrying you in to school, instead you asked to be put down and you put your little hand in mine and walked in with me.

Your teachers were all there ready and waiting for you. As we walked up the path I saw them all standing by the window waiting for you – our precious brave girl.They cheered you on and as you walked in, they were all standing there with arms open wide.

You smiled at me and whispered to me about fetching you at lunchtime and we made another pinky promise. You smiled at me and stood by the window to wave good-bye,

As I walked back to the car, it took everything I had not to burst into tears with absolute love for the phenomenal little person that you are!

I love you SO SO much my baby! You shone today – brighter than every single star in the sky!