An Award…for Moi??

Big thumbs up to Cindy from 3 Kids 2 Dogs 1 Old house for nominating me for the


The Rules:

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Note: (These are the “rules” but please feel free to do as you wish. If you have 5 bloggers to nominate instead of 11, and you can only think of 7 random facts about yourself – that’s perfectly fine! )


My Questions To Be Answered:

Do you have a program that you watch that you know is absolutely terrible but you can’t help but watch it, just to see how bad it is?

I have a firm belief in the TLC channel, which I can have on 24 hours a day, but my ultimate guilty secret is 16 and Pregnant and teen Moms…….and here’s the bad part of it, every time the Mom gives birth I cry…like proper oh my gosh big sloppy tears and *hiccup hiccup* its just so beautiful when they see their babies for the first time and oh my…..and then….well and then I watch Teen Mom to see how they manage and sometimes I get all mad and just about scream profanity at the t.v. because they are doing such a shit job, even though I was sobbing my way through their babies birth!

Do you do gas or electric heating?  Or are you blessed with a fireplace?  (If you have a fire place don’t even tell me, I might just die of jealousy).

We have none of the above, our flat is so small that when we put the oven on in the kitchen to cook, it heats up the lounge. Just kidding…or am I…??? I have a mortal fear of gas….I cannot tell you the fear of God that goes through me when someone starts cranking the ol gas heater and clicking that ignition switch…I just…I just have visions of flames bursting forward and mass explosions and that jazz because I am a total drama queen phobic.

Do you know about this thing called “sleep”?  Can you tell me more about it?

I heard about sleep about 4 years ago…I’ve not really got any real inkling of what real sleep feels like anymore. I dunno, sometimes I look at the kid sleeping and I’m like ‘Oh, so thats what they are talking about.’ – two hours later MOM I’M THIIIIRRRSSTTTYYYY! Thats as good an explanation as you are going to get I’m afraid. The only time I get about 15 minutes grace is in Winter time when maam has kicked off all her blankets and crawled into bed with me to warm herself up….15-20 mins max lie in!

If you could eat the same thing everyday for the rest of your life what would it be?

Bacon. Bacon. Bacon

What do you do with all your “donkeys”?  (Loose change that you can’t really use?)

I never even knew they were called donkeys,actually at the end of each month I empty my trashbag ( read: handbag that belongs to a Mom with a young child) and I’ve actually managed once to collect, I shit you not R200 in loose change. Sometimes I might even randomly throw it across the room or hide it in pockets….that is the reason I was able to do a pick n pay shop with R200 in coins…..I know you’re thinking ‘OH NO SHE DIDNT’….’OH YES I DID!!!!!’

If you don’t/didn’t have a partner, which famous celeb would you want to date?

This is a tough one, I think I would like to go on one date with George Clooney and have a Nespresso with him…but I think this comes from the fact that he looks so hot in all those Nespresso billboards and I’m driving and there he is and I’m all like ‘ Hells yeah might fine George…and double yeah for the coffee!!!’ As for dating, I have no idea, Jamie Oliver would be kinda cute to be dating.

Which celebrity do I think I look like?

My other half keeps telling me that I look like the red head from the mentalist…I dont know if thats a good or a bad thing..


Random Facts About Me

  1. I dont eat anything that comes from the sea…point blank, if you so much as put anything from the Sea on my plate, I can guarantee that I’m going to done some heave duty gloves and fish-slap you with a giant raw salmon!
  2. Nautical Stripes..stripes…stripes on men…..oh lordy…Im cray-cray about stripes!
  3. I am tactile defensive, aka…I cant handle certain textures, I don’t like the feeling of cream on my skin or wool..it makes me CRINGE and make that odd kkkggrrrrrrr shiver sound!
  4. I never ever sleep with socks on…I always have to give my feet freedom because when I am in bed I swear my feet are telling me they can’t breathe, they are suffocating and trapped and they need to be set free,
  5. I do sketching as a hobby, I really enjoy it and would like to get into it as in doing it a lot more, perhaps even a bit of selling but I lack a lot of confidence in that department.
  6. At the top of my list of foods most foul aside from anything from the sea…melon and papaya win hands down, if you want to make me gag just coz you need a good laugh, let me catch a whiff of the paw-paw!
  7. I am usually quite cynical, In fact lets just let it all out – I have a sense of humour that is quite dark and a cynicism that some find amusing – I also label my moods as sad panda, angry bird, tired bear etc….I struggle to take things seriously. I somehow get the feeling I should now admit that I do not belong in the body of a person whos going to be thirty next year…. I still crack up when I tell Lily the joke ‘ Whats green and hangs on trees? Giraffe Snot!’



Questions to Answer:

1)If there was an apocalypse and the world became overrun by giant marshmallows what would you do?

2) What does your happy place look like? I’m talking that place in your head you go to when the kids/work/life in general is screeching?

3) What was the scariest movie you watched as a kid that still gives you the creeps?

4) Which celeb can you absolutely NOT HANDLE..as in makes you want to Gag every time you see them?

5)What happened to all those socks that used to have other halves?

6) What does your ‘slouchy’ day look like? Such a winter question!

7) What food grosses you out the most?

8) Cats or Dogs?

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I knows its not 11 but some of my faves like cupcake mummy have already been nominated by Cindy, so lets get some extra treasures out there!